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How does the system work?

Broad Careers uses the MatchPro™ system for finding your next employee. It is based on the scientific theory of multiple intelligences, so every job is relevant to this process. It is not a generic process of guessing what skills belong to what roles. Every role at every company is unique. The skills you need are unique. 


Currently people are trying to use AI to do skill matching to their roles, and finding the technology is not quite there yet. An AI model doesn't know what you know from years of experience in HR. Plus, AI models take information from places like online job boards to build generic skill lists for every job. They don't know that the team your job is for needs someone who is more resilient than maybe the same job in a different team. Or maybe the team needs someone who thinks differently to improve outcomes and problem solving? AI doesn't know that, you do.

The MatchPro™ also uses 100 data points to do the matching, and a job seekers real life skills rather than work history. The reason for that is that some people will only apply for roles they have work history in. Does that mean that is the perfect role for them? Not always. By using natural abilities instead, ensures the role is the right fit, for the right person. 

Plus it's free. You review all candidates who match to your roles and take them through your existing hiring process. If you do happen to hire one of our amazing candidates, we'll invoice you a small finders fee of 5%. That fee keeps Broad Careers running so it can be used into the future to improve the lives of so many deserving people. You can review and interview as many candidates as you like, so it's totally risk free. You only pay if you hire someone. So you want to learn how you can use Broad Careers for your company? Just get in touch!

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